Turning data into information

RefDex specialises in the use of reference data to create value added services in e-commerce: including the design, build, and maintenance of relational, databases, directories and repositories.

These services are provided both to create completely new services as well as providing white label services to (a) E-Invoice Service Bureaux and (b) existing Publishers of directories.

Value added services are built on the following common themes:


  • The “owner” of the data has the ability to publish the data online in real-time. This not only cuts the cost of data maintenance but ensures that the data is published as quickly as possible.
  • Controls, checks and reminders are built into the system to ensure that the data is kept “clean” and machine readable.
  • The concept of the Directory is extended to cover: document exchange and archiving, email alerts and information exchange.
  • The use of the data and information that has been generated to provide further process validation services